Time keeps on slippin’


The worst thing about waiting is the waiting. It’s the not knowing and uncertainty of a situation you cannot influence – it’s in the lap of the gods. My situation is simple, I am waiting to see if I have got a job. Not just any job, a job that will quadruple my current income, see me live on the other half of the world and thrust me into new realms of stress and responsibility. I have been in negotiations for about a month and today or tomorrow I should know. If I don’t get it I will be happy as my company is here and my life is good, if I do get it I will also be happy as my life will change beyond all recognition. I am sure as the weeks unfold my life will become clearer but for now it is more confusing than it was six months ago. One element that is an unknown to me is leaving England for years. Friends have done it but I haven’t although my trips away are increasing year on year. When I am away I don’t miss London at all. I don’t miss the panic, noise, aggression and expense. And the weather. There’s nothing I can get here that I cannot get elsewhere apart from Spurs matches and a pint. Music, clothes, books, food and culture are all readily available in any developed city in the world courtesy of the internet. Everything apart from food of course but you can get the original version of some dish that in London would cost you 500% more, half the taste and served by some stroppy cunt from Clapham. Who knows what will be but time waits for no man and that’s no lie.

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