Saturday, it’s a Saturday, it’s a Saturday…


My life in Hong Kong is totally different compared to London. Take this typical Saturday morning as an example. Saturday moning. Woke up and put on Sky news on the TV so I could get the latest news about devil dogs, mad muslims and Ian Huntely. Made a cup of tea using my favourite M&S teabags. Up showered and down to Starbucks for a Coffee and a read of the papers. Caught the underground to the shops and had a look in Zara got a sandwhich from prêt a Manger before heading to HMV and buying some Alexie Sayle and Big Train DVD’s . Walked home to my flat and logged onto the BBC site to see what has changed in the world since I’ve been out. Same old same old. Had a quick visit to Fitness First to pay for the onslaught of beer that would hit my body that evening. Called friends to make arrangements to watch the Spurs match on TV in the juicer. As you can see it’s all changed but I’ll cope somehow.

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