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Illmatic is overrated

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

young Nas


Anyone worth their salt loves hip hop and, if you love hip hop, you will know how important Illmatic is. I loved Illmatic for so many reasons. Firstly the music was perfection itself, Primo and Pete Rock in their prime plus Large Pro and Q-Tip providing classic beats. Secondly there was Nas. His lyrical content was peerless, futuristic yet humble but with insightful, almost childlike observations housed in a worldly wise shell. Thirdly, no filler tracks, no skits, no bullshit just 9 songs of joyous, golden age hip hop. The whole album could fit on one side of a C45 tape meaning I had the album in on both sides of a cassette and would just play the other side when I got to the end. Most listeners were aware of Nas before he dropped Illmatic, ever since his debut on Main Source’s ‘‘live at the BBQ’’ people were fiending for more. I got the ”Halftime” 12” based upon his one verse on the seminal posse cut and I was waiting for Illmatic to come out after again, this blazing 12’’. The first single from Illmatic was a weird promo only 12” which I got and was very slightly underwhelmed. Then Illmatic was finally dropped and I got my vinyl copy the week of its released plus all the subsequent 12” singles from the album. You could say I was a paid up member of Nas fan club. And, being honest, I wasn’t 100% blown away with the album.



Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

fat bloke in lipstick

Squash is a funny old game. Took it up in Thailand over Christmas and carried on over here in Honkers. On paper it is a ludicrous game and trying to hit a small rubber ball away from your opponent seems ridiculous but then so was Pong. In fact I see squash as a 3D version of Pong but with better graphics and added health benefits. Speaking of which this has to be the most tiring activity you can do. I play an hour at a time and, being as I am not much cop, I spend most of that hour chasing the ball around a room like a blind cat – great for burning the fat and cardio. I had my first lesson after missing a month and was very pleased that I had lost little of my technique. When I say technique I mean I can hit the ball like a girl instead of a stroke victim.