fat jawdee

I cannot stop spending money. For the first time in my life I have disposable income to burn and there is no end to the amount of consumer tat that you can throw your dollars at here in Hong Kong. I’m now buying things on a whim that I would have spent weeks agonising over back in Londres. The problem is that I am not on a serious amount of wedge to able to buy useful things like cars, yachts or property but I have enough to buy say a Rolex (cheap one) or some other cheap-end high-end consumer tosh. The problem with Hong Kong , as in most of Asia, is that the such a huge gap in wealth that you can only buy something A) very expensive or B)very cheap. In clothing terms you can either buy Gucci or rags, a Rolls Royce or bike, an eight course banquet or some shit in a tray. There is no middle ground and the same can be said for salaries and, although compared to the bankers and lawyers that would laugh their Prada pants off at my meagre earnings, I am earning far and away more than my contemporaries back home with less expenditure now Her Indoors has now found gainful employment. So what to do with this surplus money? The smart thing is to save but that is v boring so my rule of thumb is save half spend half. Even then I struggle to spend that half on anything meaningful so I fritter it away on shit just to give me some consumerist hit. My current drug is clothing and I am splashing out on threads I previously couldn’t afford JUST BECAUSE I CAN. I think it’s some childhood thing coming out and I am now determined to hold on to the money from now on. A fool and his money and all that

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