Unemployment: Day 3


The day starts like the last two. I get up late. Well, what’s to get up for? I’ve done all I can in terms of contacting every known Handbag factory in the SAR of HK and nothing has happened. I consider a job flipping burgers but I won’t get a visa for that. My brash swagger has now been replaced with a hopeless slouch. I sit on the sofa in my pants playing my Xbox. I am all at sea.

My interview is in the afternoon and I spend the morning in preparation. I shower and shave and put on my slap and best dress and hop into a taxi. Well, the office is in a great part of town – Central. Put it this way, it’s better than Aberdeen. There s a Mix! There’s a Starbucks! There’s a Fortress! Civilisation. It’s Mecca. It’s like being able to see again. The interview goes well. Very well. Mind you that isn’t always a good thing right? I had a great interview with the yanks a week ago and they still haven’t got back to me. Back to these guys. They give good interview. They talk about creativity, originality, production, teamwork and treating every handbag as if it was a one off. It’s a revelation. I thought all handbag factories were like my previous employer. The yanks talked a good game but these guys take it to another level. It’s wonderful. I am not alone. We spend a delightful hour together and there are laughs to be had too! It’s amazing. They’ll call me tomorrow. I leave my head spinning and I buy a Lemmon Tea to celebrate. Taxi home and the fog descends. Maybe it didn’t go to well thinking about it. Silly things I said now haunt me. Was I too honest? Should I have bullshitted more?

I tell my wife and she seems happy but this is truly an ‘eggs in one basket’ scenario. We have some noodles for dinner. I feel my son kick for the first time.

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