The three of us flew out of Hong Kong on the wettest weekend in Hong Kong’s history. OK, I made that up but there was torrential rain and in my mind I like to think of it the same as handover day almost eleven years ago. I like to read into this that it was a sign mind you I was quite tired and emotional. The previous evening I had a leaving do and my friends were wonderful with a card, some presents and photos and oh I was moved to tears. I was obviously trashed come the end of the evening. I have made friends and bonds for life and it gives me a great feeling to know that I will always have a floor to sleep on in Hong Kong. I awoke on the sofa hung-over but still holding it down. We sold off the last of our things and headed to the airport as Hong Kong drowned in rain and mudslides. It’s a sign. Of course it is. I resolved to go back to Hong Kong sooner rather than later and then who knows where from there.

My wife and son were both exhausted by the time we landed in Bangkok but as soon as we got out of the airport the mood lifted as it was so good to be back home and to see the family. Smiling faces and an end to the torture of trying to sell out things and settle our business. We had a nice few days as a family before I then flew to Shanghai alone which was tough. The flight was awful and full of turbulence so I landed shaken and more than a little stirred. Oddly the piped music at Pudong airport was a muzak version of ‘Living Doll’ which I found quite toe tapping in the circumstances. My Z visa checked I took a taxi to my hotel in the Jiang’An area. I got out with my bag and headed into the lobby. Dirty lobbies full of spitting Chinese guys smoking heavily, slow staff and thick Chinese accents. It was great to be back here.

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