2 4 6 8 Motorway

drove from my home in Lijiazui to WuXi for a Grand Opening today. Crazy scenes ensured. Basically this was like an Ideal Homes Show but in WuXi and with hundreds of Chinese developers all trying to get the average Chinese punter to buy some poorly built room for big bucks. We had a confrence where I read a pre-arranged script in front of cameras and an audience. I was interviewed for WuXi TV and had to answer some pre-arranged questions and then home. I was the only ‘westener’ at this show but I am so Chinese now I didn’t bat an eyelid. I feel at home surrounded by Chinese people and never feel awkward. I am assimilated. I do enjoy the long motorways of China – dull,grey, lifeless and punctuated with advertisement hoardings displaying new industrial parks. The are toll booths every now and then but on the whole the roads stretch out for ever and ever and you get an idea how vast this country is. Back home we ordered pizza and the delivery due had one of those faces that looked a thousand years old. Generations and generations of farmer now reduced to delivering fucking pizza.

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