Under Pressure

This is very intersting, in fact groundbreaking. Chinese media never, ever, reports anything that goes against the wishes of the Communist Party. As you know the media is heavily censored and anyone that dared to report anything other than good news regarding China would be in serious shit. This is why the reporting of the abuse of protestors in Beijing in the a newspaper is nothing less than remarkable. This is rebellion. When you speak to normal Chinese they all know the deal, they all know how currupt and abusive the party is but they are rendered mute and frustrated due to the many punitive consequences that outwardly critical behaviour can lead to. The Chinese are not stupid but they have not yet the will to rise up and change such is the iron grip but things are changing. Frustration is slowly turning to rage and when that boils over the shit will hit the fan. China is not over yet. What we see now is not how it is going to stay and increasingly there seems to be a struggle for the heart of China and I believe we will witness more outward protests in time to come. The pressure cooker is about to explode.

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