The Premiership is Corrupt

So Manchester United win after be given an unaccountable three minutes of extra time that has Mark Hughes understandably livid and Spurs lose after being dealt the sucker blow of a stone cold penalty not being awarded in their derby with Chelsea. Both of these teams, ‘The Top 4′ are beong chased by teams below them that are begining to match them on the pitch and that is not what the FA/Sky/Champions League want so increasingly all the stops are being pulled out to maintain the status quo which now includes referees bowing to pressure and doing everything they can to make sure the game goes in favour of these four clubs. Extra time, no penalties, no bookings, no fouls in short nothing for any team playing these self proclaimed Big Clubs. – say self proclaimed as Chelsea are a nothing club with no history and have been like this for years until the money poured in and they bought success. There is now a horrible air of curruption to proceedings which has left yours truly scratching his head wondering what the point of it all is. If there is now a built in system whereby any top 4 club wins (fair or unfair) then there is little point in watching the games with the pre-defined outcome. I am going to give it until the end of the season before chucking in the towel to see if things get better. In other news some stunning Ebay action with Geto Boyz ‘Mind Playing Tricks on me’ on OG Rap-A-Lot for six quid.


4 Responses to “The Premiership is Corrupt”

  1. humpty says:

    The rigging is always in favor of the betting establishments to maximize their profits. Be sure
    that Chelsea will lose to the next weak team.

  2. Jingjok says:

    interesting theory. Let’s see what the weekend brings.

  3. Jingjok says:

    quite remarkable. Chelsea lost 1-3 at Wigan the next match…

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