The Week in Tweets!

  • Bangkok is drenched in heat and sun. The sunday traffic ambles along in the colour and electricity and the temples omit an aromatic smoke #
  • RIP Roc Raida. His scratches appeared on many classic albums and was mostly associated with Buckwild. Another RIP. #rocraida #
  • Bangkok traffic is getting worse. It'll be even worse when the reds start their protests tomorrow. #
  • Despite there being only four hours time difference between Bangkok and Bahrain there is an element of jetlag. #
  • RT: @RealTalibKweli Kanye is my friend. I'm glad he apologized. All 3 times. Let's move on. #
  • An ordeal of a flight later and I am in not so sunny Bangkok. Even in the gloom its wondeful. #
  • Right, here we go. See you in bangkok. Xxx. #
  • And its fucking heaving. No sign of ramadan with these fuckers #
  • The great thing about bahrain is the secret airport boozer. Not many of those in the gulf.Its one of the few charming features of this rock #
  • My samsung bag has just broke. Worlds stronget fucking bags my arse #
  • Murderously long queue at the airport. Managed to dance through the unwashed in seconds thanks to no baggage (man bag apart) #
  • Hot hot hot. Again. #
  • Packing for Bangkok. Take me home. #
  • Whole lotta junk pumping hard on the radio #
  • Bekay. Give up now. Rubbish. I'm crying. #
  • UGK. Like That remix. Fire. #
  • RT: @RealTalibKweli RT @AndrewGayle Kanyes racist backlash. saw this coming a mile away. @harryallen #
  • More guns than roses #
  • Its all a subtext for race anyway Rednecks leading the charge. Still sore about Obama? #wankers #
  • Kanye is an asshole but its getting a little out of proportion now. #
  • I lost my auction. Epic fail. #
  • The rush of an ebay auction is quite something #

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