The Week in Tweets!

  • COD4 is quite stunning. You can almost taste the gun smoke #COD4 #
  • we've got our Tottenham back. Spurs lose 0-1 AT HOME!!!! TO STOKE!!!! #
  • Mad Men is fast becoming my favourite thing at the moment #mad men #
  • The slums of bahrain #
  • You can drive the entire length of Bahrain in 45 minutes. Its tiny. its claustraphobic. Its…not great. #bahrain #
  • Friday night spent driving around watching bahrainian chavs in their cars. Such a dump. This passes for night life. #bahrain #
  • Sometimes its hard to know if one is living in India or Bahrain. Slumdog style. Dump syle. #bahrain #
  • Last weekend of banality. Bahrian is like an open prision here. Get me back to Bangkok and the fam asap #bahrain #
  • I keep checking my watch. Not to see the time but to see if the date has changed. 13 days. #

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