The Week in Tweets!

  • Oh its terribly unsporting isn't it? But you know karma is a motherfucker. All those defelected goals come from somewhere #
  • And one of their best players too. Haha. #arsenal #
  • Awoken with the news an Arsenal player has broken his leg. Fantastic start to the day #
  • #haarp Has to be a crock of shit. #
  • Oh yes, happy birthday to the prophet #
  • Stunts blunts and hip hop. I am coming for you.3 slipped through my fingers the last 8 months. No more. Money no object. #donttellmywife #
  • Julia Fordham looks and sounds like a weather girl.Its like an insurance ad singing to me. #
  • Janet Jackson circa Rhythm Nation is Michael Jackson with a vagina. #
  • Listening to Master and Servant by The Mode for the first time ever. Jesus H christ #basildon #
  • RT @MrEvidence: sleep is the cousin of death,but if you don't get it,you look half dead while awake. #DonttakeNassoserious #
  • When #jayz worked at #defjam he over saw 98 artists. One label. He said there are not 98 worthy artists in the world. Word to the herb #
  • Cream always rises. #
  • Most of #JohnPeel 's output was unlistenable gash wrapped in the untouchable shroud of 'new' and 'art'.For every Fall 10,000 try hards #
  • Music is art.just because you call yourself an artist doesn't mean you are.just because you make music doesn't make you any good #
  • Surely if people listen to #6live then it wouldn't be closed down. New bands doesn't make quality listening – research does #
  • I'm clucking for a copy of Stunts, Blunts and Hip Hop. So rare but so amazing. #diamondd #

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