Livin’ Joy – Dreamer



“I feel your hands, your lips the heat of your body
Whisper you love me, you say you love me
Please don’t dumb it down and never leave me
I’m a dreamer”


So am I. Classic pop should define an era and take you back to a time and place filling you with genuine emotion. You can stick your 25 year old musique critics banging on about Marvin Gaye and the Beach Boys writing cleverly crafted pop songs because The Kids aren’t listening. The Kids are out getting cunted in nightclubs and not trying to out ponce each other. 90’s Dance music didn’t care about pretension or clever-clever self consciousness either. No, it just wanted to have a good time and, by doing so, it let its guard down and produced a slew of outstanding pop songs that live long in the hearts of those that went out to super clubs or a local “disco”. If you ventured to such places then you would have met this slab of riff driven power house perfection but you wouldn’t of known its name however, you would know it as soon as you hear it.

There are so many elements that make Dreamer a masterpiece; there is the bubbling synth at the start, there is the killer melody, there is the sentiment, there is the screaming singer belting out in perfect time with the music and there is a lethal riff that Brian Wilson would saw his legs off for. Accidental genius or clever crafted pop you must decide but if you can listen to this and not feel the love then you have my sympathies. I’m a dreamer alright.

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