Waiter Waiter…



Life comes down to a few moments. I have those moments once a while and it is invariably with fellow professionals we are trying to get work from. One of the downsides of running your own business is that you have to get work in yourself. You may slack off when the going is good but the lull will inevitably hit much later on as the current work runs out. When it does and you have no work you start to shit yourself. I mean, what happens if you have no work? You don’t eat, you question your abilities and your confidence gets fucked over. So you have to dig in and these meetings that will one day give you the work become tense and vital with no room for error. Your future depends on the next hour – the next moments. Imagine having a job interview every month. I had such a meeting today with one such fellow professional – been in the game 20 years and knew exactly who I was and where I was coming from. Saw me a mile away. However he treated me no less than an equal and was attentive and respectful to my ideas and my company and will no doubt pass work our way soon and for years to come. It was refreshing that someone as successful as he was prepared to treat me as an equal rather than pull some shitty power trip. I decided that when, in 20 years time, if I am in a similar position I will act with the same dignity and fairness he did to me. They say that you can judge a man by how he treats the staff in restaurants – I would say that is fair and I’m sure he leaves a hefty tip.

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