Dog with Fleas



No one likes a smart arse but come on, I told you so. Way back in June I wrote how the A380 is a dog with fleas and it was not going to be delivered on time. And you know what? It’s going to be at least another year. I wonder how Singapore Air are feeling now as they have plastered Heathrow with signs proudly claiming that you’ll be flying one next month. November 2006 they said. Unfortunately it’s going to be more like 2007 at the earliest and even then it will be delayed again. So what’s the deal this time? Not much only the fact that the wiring is completely useless and the whole thing has to be re-designed. Still, at least on board you’ll have as many shops and bars as you can handle which should alleviate the worry you may experience as the power cuts out somewhere over the Atlantic.

EADS get out now. You know and I know that this whole thing has been disaster after disaster and the longer you carry on with this piece of flying junk the more money you and all your workers will lose. Stick with what you know best and admit, however painful, the Boeing have kicked your ass and you will never be able to win with your vision of a flying cruise ships. Save your time, money and energy and leave the future and the skies to the environmentally friendlier Dreamliners and stop embarrassing Europe. You’ve had your chance and it’s only because of face saving and political manoeuvrings that you still have orders. Dog with fleas and you knows it.

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