Fog on the Tyne is all yours, all yours

village idiot

Glenn ‘medieval village idiot’ Roeder has decided to the decent thing and kill himself, leaving the path wide open for Sam ‘Victorian Mill Owner’ Alladyce to step in and, once again promise another New Dawn.   Every season Newcastle supporters genuinely believe that this season is going to be The One and each season they get crushed under the feet of the Big Four leaving poor Jawdee folk scratching their heads, wondering where it all went wrong and coming up with their own Final Solution – Sack The Manager.   It’s the war cry of most supporters when things go wrong but for the Jawdees it’s all they know.  It’s their mantra.   Jawdees can never see past their own noses and maybe if, just if, they cast their dead eyes a bit higher they would see a board that appoints and sacks managers like contestants on a game show.   Even though the club chairman called all jawdee women ”dogs” and (correctly) stated that grown men buying the clubs overpriced replica kits were idiots, the jawdess are still demanding managerial blood rather than that of the puppet masters.   Don’t get me wrong, I love the Newcastle soap opera so I’m all for keeping the current incumbents just where they are and long may they continue to do so.   I predict that, after an initial patch of success, the Jawdees under Allardyce will again be playing dull, route one football, only this time not in front of half-a-dozen Bolton chavs but instead thousands of millions of over expectant, emotionally retarded jawdee folk that will demand, as soon as Fat Sam strides through the revolving door, that the win the Premiership, Champions League and the FA Cup,  and if, surprise surprise, he doesn’t then Sam Out.  Newcastle is the most deadly, and most common, variety of the Premiership deadly chalices, and we should enjoy Fat Sam next season before his inevitable tin tac and the making way for contestant number 23432 to step up and play Newcastle Manager.

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