Good Day Sunshine

Aberdeen Yesterday

After a quick breeze around Aberdeen I’m feeling a bit more benevolent today. First things first, Aberdeen is, what we call in the trade, a shit hole. Ok, ok, maybe not all of Aberdeen is but the ”town center” undoubtedly is. Unless, of course, you have Hong Kong tinted glasses on which case all of honkers is one groovy east-meets-west-Asian-European-nirvana however, those of us in the real world know that Aberdeen houses the poor and is seldom in the guide books save for the floating turd Jumbo restaurant. Anyway, the sun has got his hat on and it is boiling hot on the rock of Hong Kong . THIS is why we came, to escape the drudgery and misery of the UK and, for a bit of currant bun. Since the turn of the year it has been pretty miserable, but today it has picked up considerably and I predict it to continue all week as sun like this doesn’t just disappear overnight. My walk to Aberdeen central was transformed into a pleasant stroll in the sun where I laughed and danced with the locals who welcomed me with open arms and warm, warm smiles. So, here is to the first day of summer, to more exploration of Aberdeen, to stop moaning about things beyond my abilities to change and to September when we can move apartments and where I can re-evaluate my current employment situation. It’s going to be the summer of grind albeit in fantastic weather which you don’t get in the central areas thanks to Mr. Smog and Mrs. Pollution. Every cloud has a silver lining. I love Aberdeen.

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