Live Earth


Live Earth? Personally I had NO IDEA there was a problem with the environment and I just hope a load of self-righteous, pompous dinosaur ”pop stars” and radical ”new bands” can spread the word of climate change by this huge concert that will change THE LIVES OF MILLIONS. I mean, if nobody gave a tom-tit about greenhouse gasses then Madonna on stage belting out Like A Virgin will CHANGE THE WORLD. Come on people, join the REVOLUTION

2 Responses to “Live Earth”

  1. John (Australia) says:

    What I found hilarious about Live Earth was the fact that a lot of the performers were wearing t-shirts that said “Say No to Nuclear Energy”. Yeah, because nuclear power stations would just fix 99% of the world’s energy needs with 0 carbon emissions but we don’t want to admit that…. Dumbarse greenies. Seriously: Stop Global Whining!!!!

  2. jingjok says:

    they are dumb ass John, self publicizing scum. Hang them all. They care not one jot about the environment. Bono once hired a private jet to fly his HAT from Ireland to America. That is another example the sheer levels of hypocrisy we are dealing with here