Unemployment: Day 4


Day four is surprisingly similar to days one, two, three and four in terms of how it begins. It begins at 10am. I awake and check my phone. Any missed calls? Have they rung me? What are they playing at its 10am for Christ’s sake. Are they messing with my mind? I check my emails. Sweet FA. Nothing. No other companies have sent me anything. No response. Yes, seemingly, it all hangs on yesterday. Mess this up and I’m dust as far as HK is concerned.

To change the scenery we decide on a crazy adventure to Ocean Terminal where the Mothercare shop flashes like a beacon in the night. We take the Star Ferry which is still the best way across to TST and venture inside the cavernous mall. It’s raining and the weather somehow fits my sullen mood. We have lunch and then to Mothercare and then to RING RING. The phone. THE PHONE. Hands tremble. It’s THEM. I speak to the efficient but formal HR woman. She can hear the noise of the shoppers in the background so she suggests I call her back when it’s quieter. I say give me ten minutes. I feel numb. This is it or is it? We scuttle back to the flat. I call. We talk. I have the job. The money is great and I can start in a few weeks. Am I dreaming?

I put the phone down and hug my wife and pat the bulge. It’s all going to be OK (I hope) and turn on the computer to see the contract she has fired over to me on the email. I have two new messages. One from the yanks. The other message is from another very well known and respected Handbag company in Hong Kong. Typical. I spend the night debating what to do? Join das yanks or stay with my current offer. Either way, we have our first decent sleep in three weeks. Relief. HK for another year.

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