Guru Gay?

Please remember I have NOTHING to base the following presumptions on but man, the more I think about it the more it makes sense. Gang Starr. The most legendary hip hop groups of all time disband for reasons unclear. Just stopped. DJ Premier and Guru part on an acrimonious basis yet Premo’s stock soars whilst Guru retreats. Guru hooks up with a stranger, an unknown young looking dude called Solar. This is how they hooked up in their own words…

Um…Met via ‘mutual’ friends….they just hit it off…they start kicking it….uh huh. The above YouTube clip reminds me of a Pet Shop Boys interview. Anyway, from the Halcyon Gangstarr days ‘super producer’ Solar and Guru make music together like this:

Yep, that’s a new ‘club’ angle right there.

Guru’s new, er, Guru controls all aspects of Guru’s output like some weird Svengali figure. Years pass. Guru gets tattoos. Guru starts roiding up and rumours about cocaine and alcohol abuse grow. Solar and Guru travel to Europe a lot. Guru has a heart attack. Nobody can see Guru apart from Solar who controls Guru’s Twitter account and all Guru’s affairs. Guru’s family members come out and attack Solar for keeping the MC from seeing his folks. Premo, and everyone, is blocked from seeing his homeboy laying in a coma.

It’s early days re: Guru’s health but this is all sounding fishy and if anyone that has the power over Guru’s affairs like Solar does is normally called a wife or a civil partner. OK, so what? What if he is Gay? Well, cool, but tracks like this take on a whole noew meaning…

9 Responses to “Guru Gay?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG… this is so funny

  2. Enlightened says:

    Come on man!!!! WTF? You didnt’ have to hit me with that last line man. Got damn, you got me sitting here mad at myself for not being able to stop laughin after the man has passed. Come on man. RIP Guru.

  3. O says:

    “My Ex Girls got Balls”


    , nah just playin though RIP to the GOD

  4. Sir Swiftus W. Funkellwerk I says:

    More drama mongering bullshit for people to soak up!
    Even though Solar is presenting gay attributes you should post some REAL thought provoking subjects instead of this garbage!
    Leave the man’s memory as a great legacy instead of tearing it down!

  5. tony2gunns says:

    that solar dude was looking and felling hella kold in that interveiw look at his face thats kinda strange

  6. trolling says:


    [...]Guru Gay? | Stanfords Finest[...]…

  7. SOLAR says:


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