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Friday, March 12th, 2010

I am a fan. I love the artform and I love Guru be he gay or straight. Why? Well, the memories and the good times and I hope that he can get through whatever it is that he is going through. My Guru Gay post has had millions of hits and searches and it troubles me. What is it they hope to find here? Solar reaming Guru? There is nothing to see, just my idle speculation and I feel dirty for putting it out there but I’m not the only one putting two and two together and coming up with bullshit. Anyway, the music. That’s what got us here. That’s what binds. Nice copy of Words I Manifest came up today on Discogs cheapy cheapy so I did the decent thing. Longer and rawer than the album cut, the 12” remix is an essential item in the collection of any Gang Starr aficionado which is what I am evidenced by my vinyl collection – every single release apart from the first two right up to Moment of Truth. I’m a fan.

Guru Gay?

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Please remember I have NOTHING to base the following presumptions on but man, the more I think about it the more it makes sense. Gang Starr. The most legendary hip hop groups of all time disband for reasons unclear. Just stopped. DJ Premier and Guru part on an acrimonious basis yet Premo’s stock soars whilst Guru retreats. Guru hooks up with a stranger, an unknown young looking dude called Solar. This is how they hooked up in their own words…

Um…Met via ‘mutual’ friends….they just hit it off…they start kicking it….uh huh. The above YouTube clip reminds me of a Pet Shop Boys interview. Anyway, from the Halcyon Gangstarr days ‘super producer’ Solar and Guru make music together like this:

Yep, that’s a new ‘club’ angle right there.

Guru’s new, er, Guru controls all aspects of Guru’s output like some weird Svengali figure. Years pass. Guru gets tattoos. Guru starts roiding up and rumours about cocaine and alcohol abuse grow. Solar and Guru travel to Europe a lot. Guru has a heart attack. Nobody can see Guru apart from Solar who controls Guru’s Twitter account and all Guru’s affairs. Guru’s family members come out and attack Solar for keeping the MC from seeing his folks. Premo, and everyone, is blocked from seeing his homeboy laying in a coma.

It’s early days re: Guru’s health but this is all sounding fishy and if anyone that has the power over Guru’s affairs like Solar does is normally called a wife or a civil partner. OK, so what? What if he is Gay? Well, cool, but tracks like this take on a whole noew meaning…