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Hong Kong Taxi Drivers Kill Me

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Hong Kong Taxi

I have to use taxis in HK all the time and, seeing as I now work in the middle of nowhere, I now rely on them more then ever so, imagine my surprise when I found out they are death traps. Well, not death traps per se but getting in one is very much a case of Russian Roulette; some good, some bad. Yesterday, I had a combination of both. My day at the factory was typically dull, predictable and frustrating but the travelling to and from work was a riot. Yesterday morning I left my home and waited for a Taxi which eventually pulls up. I get in but I notice that there are some bits of glass on the floor and the passenger window is open. Seeing as it’s hot I attempt to wind up the window but, alas, there is no glass in the door. No sir, the window is smashed. Open mouthed I look at my taxi driver who is a mass of hair, anger and noise. As we pull off I attempt tell him my destination just as he sharply swerves to avoid a truck at some lights. Sweet mother of god, the guy is drunk. As he pulls up at some lights I leap out, dodging the traffic around me, and make it to the pavement and await his chasing of me for the 15 dollars on the clock. He doesn’t come and he instead drives off swearing. So let me get this straight, Hong Kong allows smashed up taxis and drunk drivers? Of course not but I’m now all eyes and ears as it seems some are falling through the net. I hailed down another cab which falls into the GOOD category and I get to work alive.


The First Casualty of War is The Truth

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

American Service Announcement

So we must be at war then. Leaving for Ningbo last week I managed to catch a quick glimpse of everybody’s favourite soaraway TV station, Sky News. As well as being a rightwing propaganda machine and the UK’s very own Fox News, Sky News is also appallingly produced with a seemingly endless supply of Breaking News which on more than one occasion has proven to be false. I am particularly fond of the ticker tape that runs across the bottom of the screen with bite size news summaries for those high powered execs that are too busy to spend more than 36 seconds to gather important news facts before spending 23 hours in the office screwing down 3rd world nations.