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Recent Purchases

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Been a busy month of record purchases which is lame considering how much expenditure in my house there is and another mouth to feed BUT needs must. The only thing that drags me through the dark days of teh remainder of my time on this rock is music. The 45 minute drive to and from work is punctuated by the my latest records which I download after I have purchased the original on EBay or Discogs and get sent back to my UK bolthole. It’s weird being a record collector in Bahrain but the exchange rate is so good I’d bee a fool not to.

I digress. Firstly, back in Shanghai, I downloaded this compilation from Buckwild one of the 90′s most slept on producers. Loads of beauties on this and I returned to it once more when an email from Discogs had the Buckwild Remix of You Know Now up for sale at a very low price. Missed out on one over on Ebay a few weeks ago so didn’t want to miss out again. A lovely three and a bit minutes punctuated by the excellent AG just riding out the mellow break like it was always supposed to be. Some prefer the origninal but it’s all about this version for me.

Oddly another Show and AG white label came up in the same week and again, really low price which I snapped up without a doubt. Fat Pockets remix on whitle label second release from the legendary duo. For years I had this song in my head never knowing who it was by. Pure unadulterated banger from way back when Hip Hop was cutting edge and the lyrics and beat stood for something. Classic. Kill for a copy.