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More Crate Digging

Monday, July 31st, 2006

The best record collections are based on quality rather than quantity and I now see that. I once knew a record dealer who carried every single record he owned around with him most days. How come? Well he only bought and sold funk 45′s and he carried them around in a little record box but what was in that little box was worth more than most big collections put together. So, after going through my collection, I realised that his was the right path and now all my records will be stone cold classics. And that’s it. I took over a hundred records to Notting Hill Soul Exchange and come back with five. But what a five eh? Looky:


De La 12″ from the LP Buhloone Mindstate, this be Ego Trippin’ (part two) on Tommy Boy. And then? Well..


Keeping with the Native Tongues theme and strengthening the Tribe 12″s I got Award Tour. Not the best 12″ in terms of tracks as there only three on here but its hard to find and it’s Tribe so I had to have it. To Complete the Low End Theory 12″s I gots…

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The Break Up

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006


Vince Vaughn yesterday


The Break Up. What is it, a drama or a comedy? Judging how the audience of 12 year old girls and menopausal housewives were laughing like drains at the obvious and unamusing quips I would say a it was funny drama or a rom com. The movie chronicles the relationship and break up of frog faced Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston in a way that is neither gripping or amusing but it didn’t drag and there were a few good bits, I think, although a few hours after seeing it I am trying hard to remember what they were. There are one or two wry smiles to be had somewhere I recall but I might be wrong I’ve forgotten what happened. As for the housewife behind me rolling around in hysterics I can only imagine that she has never seen a film before or she was on acid. This a laydeez film but it was always going to be. Bring on Miami Vice. 4/10

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006


I love dance music sometimes. We get so wrapped up in its hedonism that we forget all about the 6am situation – there is daylight outside, the druqx have worn off and you have no money left. The best dance classics concern love; lost it, want it or have it. The worst dance music is concerned with having a good time and holding hands with your brothers and sisters. A perfect example of this is Bob Sinclair’s shockingly bad ‘Love Generation’. Not only is the music so appalling that it sounds like it was knocked out on a PS2 but the lyrics are so trite as to be offensive. Please read the following:

Why must our children play in the streets,
Broken hearts and faded dreams,
Peace and love to everyone that you meet,
Don’t you worry, it could be so sweet,
Just look to the rainbow, you will see
Sun will shine till eternity,
I’ve got so much love in my heart,
No-one can tear it apart,

Feel the love generation,
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
Feel the love generation,
C’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon yeah, From Jamaica to the world,
It’s just love,
It’s just love,

We are facing the possibility of WW3 and Bob thinks we are the ‘Love Generation’. Of course we are – the generation of love. No matter if it is a croaky voiced Bob Marley impersonator saying that shit it will always sound crass and untrue. Bob, shovel us much showbiz up your hooter as you can but please do this: turn on the TV and turn off the sound. Put on any 24 hour news station and then play your track as you watch and tell me this – are we really The Love Generation? Of course not you cunt.

East End = Boutique

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006


So it’s been confirmed then. It does seem that Hong Kong is go go go. Despite my initial reservations about visas and so on it would appear that I have a good case to be granted leave to work for at least two years and thankfully my criminal record doesn’t come into it – all they care about is how much money I have and what I’m likely to earn. Gotta love Asia. Also, they need to know why the new company needs to get in a chav rather than use the local talent. That’s easy too – my field is niche in the UK so its double specialist in Asia. It’s all looking rosy in the garden. We have packed a lot of our belongings already and my interest is now waning in my present company, I mean it’s going to be closed down soon plus we cannot take anymore new work on so we have to wrap up the existing stuff, the bitty stuff near the end of any project.


I sometimes wonder if I am in denial about leaving England and more specifically London. One thing that symbolises my dislike of London right now was the news this week that the historic Bow Street Magistrates Court has closed. Why? Well it’s so it can be turned into a boutique hotel of course. Despite it still serving a purpose and being historically and architecturally important and a vital piece of the local community and economy The Man did decide to flog it for a quick buck. I couldn’t see the French or Spanish selling their prized historic buildings but then again they have pride in their cities where as London is looking like some nightmarish vision of a “lifestyle” future. Will I miss the people and culture of London? I don’t think so but how will I know if I don’t go? Maybe I will hate Hong Kong as I’ve never been to the place. It is a gamble. My feeling is that I will love then hate then love my new home. It’s the painful adjustment period I am dreading plus having a boss who may be a cunt as I haven’t met the man. I’ve done the memory lane bit already and been the places I grew up around and I have visited the parts of Essex that mean anything to me. So now it’s all future and time to move on. My new role promises travel and I hope my schedule stops me from feeling home sick. I may miss those boutique hotels after all.

Dope or Dog Food?

Tuesday, July 18th, 2006




So as I was saying the big clear out is well under way right now. I am getting rid of all crap I have accumulated over the years in order to ship as little as possible over to Asia. Today I went to the Notting Hill Game Exchange and traded in loads of useless games. To my surprise I got £58 in vouchers which I quickly spunked next door in the Soul and Dance Record Exchange. Oh man. First I got this:



LP Review – Marley Marl In Control Volume II

Sunday, July 16th, 2006


As i’m selling everything I own case I head east, I happened upon this obscure CD, Marley Marl In Control Vol.II the other day. To set the scene, it’s the early 90’s and whitey is just waking up to the possibility that this rap shit won’t be going the same way as Electric Country and might actually be in it for the long run. This was the era of Def Jams and Tommy Boys setting the pace and The Man wanted a piece of dat azz. Enter Warner, still trying to squeeze the life out its Cold Chillin’ roster and pointing a gun at the head of proven hitmaker Marley Marl to churn out some more classics. As we all know, the first of Marley’s In Control is a certified classic and an era defining moment in the Golden Age of Hip Hop. Assuming its was called Vol.1 for a reason we awaited Vol.II with baited breath. And waited. And waited for 4 years. The hip hop landscape between the original 1987 vol.I release and Vol. II’s 1991 release had changed never to return. In had moved the Nikes, Hillfiggers and MTV’s. In moved the Arista’s and the BMG’s. In moved the money and in moved the radio plays and pop sensibilities; basically whitey was in town and he wanted his money. (more…)

Out of the Frying Pan

Sunday, July 16th, 2006



So I got the job then. It’s funny you know but they were just “taking their time” before getting back to me. I hope they have a similar laissez faire attitude when if turn up for late or fail to get any work done. I have no doubt that there were other reasons for the delay and they were probably screwing some other hapless applicant on the other side of the world for a few hundred quid less than I was asking. Well anyway it’s happened; I have now been accepted with a start date of the 1st September. In Hong Kong. Now there are a few reasons why I am not jumping for joy right now. Firstly I have to get a work visa and that may or may not involve the disclosure of a criminal record during a heavy interview here in London at the Chinese embassy. Needless to say I have one, albeit incredibly minor and quite a few years ago but it could be a factor and I will only be dancing on the ceiling when the visa arrives. The other factor which could throw a spanner in the works is the references. When I left my old company it was under a cloud as I was effectively sacked when they found out the scheme we be plotting to start our own thing. It got nasty so there will be no words of kindness from those fuckers. If they only want two references then I’ll be OK but if they want my last employers then we can say goodbye to Hong Kong. So, you see even when you think you have got it there is always some sting in the tail. No doubt if all the above is navigated successfully then World War Three will begin as is looking more and more likely with each passing hour.

Apple a day

Thursday, July 13th, 2006


I find it hard to like big business. I dislike all of the corporate machines that are slowly homogenising our world into one big Happy Place. That said I have always liked Apple even though they are the cock sucking whores of capitalism I have found their products and support to be top notch. Say as you see and I say well done Steve Jobs. Compared with Microsoft, which is looking increasingly like a Borough Council these days with its levels of bureaucracy and its distance from what the punters want, Apple is like a mate who can get you what you really need. Take the iPod. A thing of great wonder and now an essential in our lives but Microsoft couldn’t have come up with that in a million years and if they did it would have different editions, be 80,000 times more complex and expensive. Today my wife’s iPod broke – it happens. We took it to the Apple store in and they replaced it gratis. Lovely stuff. I doubt that as Apple get bigger and Microsoft shrink they will be able to maintain their friendly approach but for now, if I could, I’d banish Bill gates and them to hell and buy Apple from now on. It’s the future.

Reject and Rewind

Thursday, July 13th, 2006


As if by magic I didn’t get the job. Why? You tell me. It’s not like I wanted it in the first place but I got seduced into thinking this was going to be the chance of a lifetime. We’ve been backwards and forwards for a months and then the line just went dead. Nothing, despite my saying yes. So there you go; a months worth of work down the drain and dreams lying in tatters on the floor. So, I’ll pick myself up, get this company up and running as strong as ever and keep looking. Its not that I wanted to join this outfit much anyway, to be honest they did look a bit chaotic. No, I wanted to escape this country that was my primary aim. So I’ll look for other jobs in Asia and learn the hard way when to stop pushing too hard. What started as a bit of fun has now seriously dented my happiness and aspirations but I must not lose the focus. It’s their loss the cunts.

LP Review – Bugnology 2

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006



There’s not many CD’s that I’ll actually buy these due to the advent of the Internet jukebox. I figure I spent a large part of my life buying every single record I could afford and now it’s time for some payback. These days an artist has to earn their money and I try before I buy – and no, that doesn’t involve sharing a ‘listening post’ with a chav. Over the last few years, since the death of Hip Hop, I’ve been regressing or progressing into music of a danceable nature. Years ago, when it was all fields and I started buying vinyl my dance music purchases we as many as my Hip Hop ones so I like to think I know my onions. Today, the best dance/house/minimal comes from Germany and there’s nothing any of us can do about that. It’s a fact. One of the leading lights of this Germanic scene is Steve Bug. He has released two compilations called Bugnology. Vol.1 was out a few years ago and I can recommend it’s quality and it’s one of the reasons I splurged on Vol.2 which has just been released. Vol 2 starts slow but builds up into a beautiful thing. If you go out to trendy nite clubs and snort showbiz there’s no doubt some of these tracks will form the soundtrack to your evening. Songs such as Clearsky and Amazon are minimal but powerful things that probably only sound right in some cavernous warehouse. Steve has tried to sneak a radio friendly number featuring a singer at the end but apart from that it’s all good as they say on McCain oven chip adverts these days. So, I would purchase if driving around Berlin in an Audi at 4am ripped to the gills is your cup of Erdinger. 8.5/10