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KMD – Peachfuzz

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Another superb EBay performance. Between Discogs and EBay you can find some bargains out there but you have to dig. Digitally dig. Until I get back to London or another civilised location the internet is my friend. Besides that I doubt even in reality I would have been able to find an O.G. copy of Peachfuzz for eight quid. Bargain.

KMD’s first release and its a weird video but the song is wonderful. The samba like OC Smith’s ‘On a Clear Day’ is looped and KMD inform us that, despite the girls laughing in the background and despite not being old enough to grow a beard (or peachfuzz) they have what it takes. Innocent but not cheesy. This is the time when KMD were hanging around with 3rd Bass and you see Prime Minister Pete Nice at the start of the video checking out the boys afrocentric stall. Golden Era’s get no more golden. Play it loud.