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Reservoir Doggs & Street Smatrz

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Two banginest tracks that I think I need in my life. First, Reservoir Doggs. Nope, never heard of the dudes either but its seems they have based their whole steez on Mobb Deep which, to my ears at least, is no bad thing. Of course no proto-Havoc would be complete without a slab of smooth yet sinister music to accompany the various threats and the Dogg’s, thanks to Buckwild, do not disappoint. The bragado of side A is far better relayed against a backdrop of sparse rolling drums with an eerie vocal harmony and a boom bap RPM. Hypnotic.

Buckwild also blesses Street Smatrz ‘Problems’ track with some very melodious refrains as MC ignorant drops some very cliched ish but again Buckwild knock its out the frame with beat. Listen to the instrumental