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Kool G Rap

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

There’s been a bit of a Kool G Rap renaissance in my house recently. A quick breeeze through Discogs has one amazed at how cheap and rare his early output was with DJ Polo. Make no mistake, if we are talking about Golden Age MC’s then look no further than the Kool Genius of Rap. Recently I heard on that internet a demo version of Big Daddy Kane’s Raw with Kool G Rap keeping up with Kane on this seminal track. If anyone can keep pace with Kane in his prime you know this brother has the skills. Make no mistake, these jams upped the game with each release and this was not money but the simple fact that each MC wanted to put out better product than the next. G Rap is up there with Rakim, KRS One and Kane no question but he really never had a classic jam like these guys and somehow never appealed to the white media. Not sure why but the simple fact is that nobody could fuck with G Rap. Pure cinema in each track. So, I splurged on some of his classic shit which was mucho cheapo I was amazed to find. Anyway,I’ll speak on G Rap another but let me leave you with this stroke of mid 90′s class that was on his overlooked first solo LP. Now tell me this is not the shit.