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Rock On – Funkdoobiest

Monday, July 13th, 2009

There was a time when, just after Cypress Hill dropped their first album, that DJ Muggs had hip hop on lock. His sound was unique, raw and brash and funky as a pair of James Browns socks and he was highly sought after as a producer. His stock only increased when he produced Jump Around for a average MC called Everlast already dropped from Ice-T’s Rhyme Syndicate label and turned him into a superstar if only for a month or so. I doubt even Muggs would have believed how big that record would be but there it was and so the logic goes that anything he touches would follow a similar path. We see it so many times in Hip Hop where, when any group blows up, all the weed carriers around them get signed which is where Funkdoobiest enter the scene. Latino stoners with cartoon covered record sleeves and friends in high places. Their first album was proceeded by the the Muggs produced ‘Bow Wow Wow’ which is a slowed down Jump Around with extra bass which, AT THE TIME was banging but alas has not aged well. Thankfully that was one that slipped through my fingers however their debut album on clear vinyl was purchased on its release and I was not disappointed. Its a great album and the real stand outs are the T-Ray tracks. Lovely, subtle things and hidden away at the end of side one and simple, effective Hip Hop. ‘Whose the Doobiest’ and Where’s It At’ stand out for me but there are others. The problem with light-hearted, cartoony, stoner rap is that its doesn’t stay with you like a Word…Life or Illmatic does so after my initial buzz I kind of got bored and looked elsewhere for a high hence me overlooking their second LP and the rest of their careers. This is why I missed Rock On from their second LP Brothas Doobie. The 12″ has the title track (which, by itself is a lovely DJ Muggs produced slow burner) but its really the remix by the brilliant Buckwild that does the trick for me. Picked up for $2.50 not including P&P on US OG WAX. You can’t front on Discogs science.