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Making Your Mind Up

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Buks Fizz

So I met the yanks. We are go, go, go. I’m in and I’m willing but there is just one catch – I have to wait until the end of October! Damn. I want to go now!!! So I have to again bide my time at the current place until I get the magic phone call. This is one of the downsides of having too much opportunity. This land (Hong Kong) is awash with loot and opportunity and when there is so much of it you feel like a dog with two dicks. Where should I jump? It’s all very well chasing the dollar right now but you have to project where all this will end. For me I am projecting ahead and I believe that China is calling me. If I want to succeed I need to be with a factory with bases around the world – these guys have that. My decision is final and I have wavered from time to time but I must stop messing everyone around. I’m going. I will know when this week.

Album Review: Hip Hop Lives – KRS ONE and Marley Marl

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Hip Hop Lives

On May 22nd of this year a miracle took place. A modern day resurrection occurred on that day but this time there was no Mary Magdalene’s to lap it up. There was no audience (myself included) to witness the re-birth of hip hop and so this release just came and went. The revolution will not be televised. To listen to Hip Hop Lives is to witness the dead being woken. Feelings that have long lain dormant within me were stirred and I again believed. This album on paper is enough to get the hip hop purist salivating and simultaneously scratching their heads – Marley and KRS on a record together? We all know about the beef between these crews but 20 years later, when grown men can have the balls to bury the hatchet and move on, we can all bask in the new found love. This album is a return to the days of one producer and one artist and this album is like a Kane record in so far as there are no guest producers just Marley. The man from the House of Hits that defined most of the golden era now breathes life into the flagging catalogue of a one Mr. Parker.


God Bless America

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007


So I feel like das fool. I’ve been at the new factory a few weeks. It seemed OK but the guy that interviewed me is never there and the verbal cheques that were written out in the interview are unable to be cashed. When I say he isn’t there I mean he is but not there for me. Actively avoided from the get go. Was it something I said? So I am kind of sat down in an arbitrary location on the shop floor but from there I can see how it stacks up and I don’t like what I see. (more…)

Now, where was I?

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

I’ve neglected you. I’m sorry. The thing about a blog is that you cannot just leave it there to fester. No. Like dogs a blog is for life not just for Christmas. So it’s been an age since I last updated with a rather cruel cliff hanger to boot. So what gwan? Well, I decided to plump for the company that loved me, wanted me and believed in me. I think I have, thus far, been proven correct. I rejected the yanks. Again. Ha! I will never work for them I know it. It’s fate. It will always be. Anyway these smaller guys have been taken over by a big huge company so it looks like the old swings and roundabouts cliché would be appropriate here. I have been there a few weeks and so far it ace. The thing is my old factory was so bad that it warped me. It warped my perceptions of HK and my perceptions of the locals. My Cantonese friends that I know outside of work are mostly great people but then I contrast them with the beasts I worked with and found the two worlds difficult to balance. Looking back I was so naïve when I landed here and I had no idea what the subtle nuances are when working and living in Asia. Not a clue. I was awash with conflicting signals and isolation and it has taken me a year to adjust to the Hong Kong riddim. Now I get it. Just. (more…)