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The Week in Tweets!

Sunday, March 28th, 2010
  • RT @philmcnulty: Aston Villa fans chanting "We've Got The Special One" in the direction of Chelsea fans in praise of manager Martin O'Neill #
  • Feeling rather unnecessarily emotional about #spurs these days. Need to remember what a cold,shit business #football is these days #
  • #spurs are unstoppable. Champions League is ours. Points on the board son. #
  • Sandstorm today. Everything has a yellow hue. Kind of sums #bahrain up. #
  • Come on March, please end #wishingoneslifeaway #
  • #northkorea #southkorea we all gonna die. Best get those #vinyl #hiphop records whilst you can #
  • At some horrific expat country club. All tats and bottles of beer at 10am. Another addition to the #bahrain is a shithole argument #
  • RT @TheRealJingjok: for all your #hiphop #vinyl collecting needs. Check it one time… #
  • Come on #Wolves Send them packing. #
  • for all your hip hop vinyl collecting needs. Check it one time… #
  • Isn't #twitter the best thing ever? #

litter problem

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Normal countries have litter which consists of fag packets, dog shit and McDonald’s (or a combination of all three) whereas Bahrain has discarded motors on the roads and streets like London has chewing gum on pavements. Smashed up motors like the one shown are everywhere. Why? Because they are rich and they cannot drive is my guess. Knackers yard of a place metaphorically and literally.

A Question of Sport

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

The Middle East. Not noted for its sporting prowess in the arena of the any competition. Camel racing maybe. They can also kick a ball and run a bit but what are you going to do stuck out in the desert? There is fuck all to do when its so hot every day. If sitting in the shade and sleeping was an Olympic sport Bahrain would be drowning in a sea of gold medals alas the only sport being played here is the one of religious hypocrisy for which the rewards are much more tangible if a little more private. To be more precise Bahrain does have a crap football team (knocked out this years world cup by NZ), crap athletics team (Beijing winner stripped of medal for being a drug cheat) and crap racing car drivers but it looks like a new crap team is on the horizon – a crap cycling team. These guys are always blocking up the road on my drive home. All of them training hard at being crap and slow although part of me would love Bahrain to achieve something great just once. Surely all those prayers must count for something.

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

My prayers have been answered. The best forum I have ever seen about hip hop vinyl period – I’m an addict and like Tim Westwood used to say, you need this in your life.

Road to Hell

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

This is the view driving to work at 7am in thick fog. Thick fog in Bahrain. Who would believe it.

Protected: Cycles

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

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The Week in Tweets!

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Reservoir Doggs & Street Smatrz

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Two banginest tracks that I think I need in my life. First, Reservoir Doggs. Nope, never heard of the dudes either but its seems they have based their whole steez on Mobb Deep which, to my ears at least, is no bad thing. Of course no proto-Havoc would be complete without a slab of smooth yet sinister music to accompany the various threats and the Dogg’s, thanks to Buckwild, do not disappoint. The bragado of side A is far better relayed against a backdrop of sparse rolling drums with an eerie vocal harmony and a boom bap RPM. Hypnotic.

Buckwild also blesses Street Smatrz ‘Problems’ track with some very melodious refrains as MC ignorant drops some very cliched ish but again Buckwild knock its out the frame with beat. Listen to the instrumental

The Week in Tweets!

Sunday, March 14th, 2010
  • I've just been a very naughty boy #
  • I have lived in many parts of the world and #bahrain is the worst place by far. Nothing to do. Ever. Fuck this. #
  • I cannot explain to you how much a desperate shit hole #bahrain is #
  • RT @RealTalibKweli: Jon Stewart- So do black people still claim Tiger Woods? Larry Wilmore-You mean that Asian guy with them Norwegian kids? #
  • Eat right, exercise regularly. Die anyway. #carstickerbahrain #
  • Teddy Sheringham resembles the Toshiba Man #
  • One of the Sri Lankan cleaners here looks like a small, dark tash-era Mark Lawrenson.I keep wanting to trip him up. #
  • I can't take this #gooner love in. Wake me when it's over #nightmarefromhell #
  • 4-0. Maybe looking a little less likely. #
  • 3-0 down. I'm not giving up yet #
  • All #porto second half. Looks like they have decided to play #
  • F**cking hell Porto. #
  • goodness gracious the paper, where the cash at? where the stash at? #ripbig #
  • RT @OfficialKURIOUS: ?It is not the towering sail, but the unseen wind that moves the ship? ? Proverb #

Recent Purchases

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Been a busy month of record purchases which is lame considering how much expenditure in my house there is and another mouth to feed BUT needs must. The only thing that drags me through the dark days of teh remainder of my time on this rock is music. The 45 minute drive to and from work is punctuated by the my latest records which I download after I have purchased the original on EBay or Discogs and get sent back to my UK bolthole. It’s weird being a record collector in Bahrain but the exchange rate is so good I’d bee a fool not to.

I digress. Firstly, back in Shanghai, I downloaded this compilation from Buckwild one of the 90′s most slept on producers. Loads of beauties on this and I returned to it once more when an email from Discogs had the Buckwild Remix of You Know Now up for sale at a very low price. Missed out on one over on Ebay a few weeks ago so didn’t want to miss out again. A lovely three and a bit minutes punctuated by the excellent AG just riding out the mellow break like it was always supposed to be. Some prefer the origninal but it’s all about this version for me.

Oddly another Show and AG white label came up in the same week and again, really low price which I snapped up without a doubt. Fat Pockets remix on whitle label second release from the legendary duo. For years I had this song in my head never knowing who it was by. Pure unadulterated banger from way back when Hip Hop was cutting edge and the lyrics and beat stood for something. Classic. Kill for a copy.