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RIP Baatin

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Back in the days when I lived a year of hell in Leeds I could only afford a record every few months. I used to switch the price tags on the records in HMV and nine times out of ten they didn’t even check. I copped many a LP for the price of a 12”. Fantastic Voyage Vol.2 by the legendary Slum Village was ‘purchased’ like this and it kept me going for months. I didn’t even yearn for other records. Good news for HMV.

Jay Dee, T3 and Baatin. Soul food. Detroit soul food. Deep and simple, stoned grooves with snappy laid back rhymes. Summer days. Weed scented. Similar in vibe to latter period ATCQ (who were produced by Slum Village aka The Ummah). Super producer Jay Dee is dead. Baatin died today. There is only one member left of the original line up. sad news. Never 50 fucking Cent is it? RIP Baatin.