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A Question of Sport

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

The Middle East. Not noted for its sporting prowess in the arena of the any competition. Camel racing maybe. They can also kick a ball and run a bit but what are you going to do stuck out in the desert? There is fuck all to do when its so hot every day. If sitting in the shade and sleeping was an Olympic sport Bahrain would be drowning in a sea of gold medals alas the only sport being played here is the one of religious hypocrisy for which the rewards are much more tangible if a little more private. To be more precise Bahrain does have a crap football team (knocked out this years world cup by NZ), crap athletics team (Beijing winner stripped of medal for being a drug cheat) and crap racing car drivers but it looks like a new crap team is on the horizon – a crap cycling team. These guys are always blocking up the road on my drive home. All of them training hard at being crap and slow although part of me would love Bahrain to achieve something great just once. Surely all those prayers must count for something.